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Mieke Buchan

Mieke is the National Brand Director for Advantage.

A 20 year veteran of Australian and American television and radio (FoxUSA, ESPN, SBS, 2GB, TripleM), each week she will explore the news headlines influencing all of our daily lives.

Mieke is a passionate advocate for female financial empowerment. So much of our success and happiness in life literally depends on it. We all want to feel in charge of our own lives, and thats especially true when it comes to our finances; Mieke will bring you stories and insights to help you find that control.

*Stay tuned to our Women & Money page for updates on upcoming webinars and networking events.

Ross Greenwood

Sky News’ Ross is one of the most trusted names in Australian media and finance.

Formerly the trusted face of finance on Channel Nine, he understands the differing and varying pressures Aussies face when they’re looking at optimising their money mix.

​Ross has his finger on the pulse – always tapped into the concerns and questions of the everyday person, just trying to get ahead in life.

​Each month, Ross breaks down his take on the stories and financial trends impacting you and your money today.. and tomorrow.

*The Advantage is proud to sponsor Ross’ weekend program on Sky News.

Shelly Horton

A familiar figure on Channel Nine, Shelly is known by many as the beloved and hugely successful host of the Married At First Sight “Talking Married” series.

She is also a respected social  commentator, regularly appearing on Nine’s the Today Show to discuss issues that effect us all; at all ages and stages of life.

She’s also had a phenomenal female finance journey.

Each month, Shelly will share her personal insights and lessons learned, as she’s navigated the pitfalls and success strategies.. toward monetary security and financial success.