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Its tax time!

Did your accountant get you the best tax return last year?

Perhaps there is hidden money that you didn’t receive and could have accessed, but you just weren’t told about it.

Do you know what an ITWV is according to the ATO?
If not, get in touch here and we will tell you how you could be losing $1000s of dollars each year in unclaimed claimed tax entitlements and falling further and further behind on your finances as a result.

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When is the last time you got a pay-rise?

These days, receiving a pay-rise is getting less and less likely. And, with inflation progressing every year, the money you ARE earning is worth less and less.

Imagine if you could just go and get yourself a 8-12% increase to your annual income.. without even asking the boss..

If you earn $100k a year, you could qualify for a 8-12% government incentive to invest in an asset. So there’s a $12,000 pay-rise right there – you just haven’t claimed it yet.

The only way to keep up with inflation and even get ahead of it, is to expand your personal investment portfolio. Most of us won’t have the retirement nest egg of $63k a year the government says we’ll need to retire comfortably in Australia. So we have to find ways to bridge that gap today, so we don’t pay for it with a decreased quality of life, when we stop working.

Did you know the cost of living doubles every 30 years? Wages certainly don’t go up at the same rate. But businesses cant afford to pay more, so what do you do?

If you own your own home, you could already have equity in there just waiting to be utilized, in a reliable, low risk investment.

You’ve heard about the benefits of negative gearing, or maybe you’ve invested before. If you’re a seasoned investor, we can assist you with well-researched guidance about the best options out there today. If you don’t know where to start, we’re here to help you too.

TheAdvantage is here to help educate and guide you toward the right solutions for you. Our dedicated and experienced team is here to answer all of your questions; the conversation can start right now.

We’ll help you assess the state of your debts and assets and help guide you toward the right solutions for you.

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Our clients often ask us what negative gearing is, just in case it applies to them.

Negative gearing occurs when the expenses you pay for an investment property are more than the rental income that you receive from tenants for that property. Under Australian law the difference can be a tax deduction at your marginal tax rate.




When you negatively gear a property, you are making a cash flow loss, at least in the short-term. So why would someone negatively gear a property? The answer is two-fold:

  1. Investors who use negative gearing are generally looking for capital growth in the investment property. Their expectation is that the capital growth will outweigh any ongoing loss associated with running the investment property.
  2. The loss on the property can be offset against an individual’s income for tax purposes, providing a tax savings incentive for property investors. The higher the marginal tax rate you are on, the higher the deduction.