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The most significant financial decision most Australians will ever make, is the commitment to buying a home.

For some of us, being a home owner represents security and stability. For others, the mortgage is a never-ending source of stress.

The good news is, there are strategies for paying your mortgage down earlier.

Being mortgage-free has several flow-on benefits.     

  1. Additional cashflow allows you the freedom to make positive financial decisions.
  2. The earlier you can pay off your mortgage, the less money you’re wasting in unnecessary interest payments to the bank.
  3. You could save 100s of thousands of dollars in interest.
  4. How good would it feel to be free of monthly mortgage payments?

Our experienced Advantage consultants will help assess your financial situation, educate you about your options and then connect you with the perfect financial and investment experts for you.

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There are several strategies for paying down your mortgage faster.

  1. One example is simply increasing your weekly repayments. An extra $100 per week on an interest rate of 2.45% for a $530,000 loan can save you $58,000 over the life of the loan. You could pay it off in 23 years instead of 30.
  2. A mortgage off-set account can also help reduce the interest you pay on your loan.
  3. An investment property can produce rental income, possible tax concessions and eventual capital gain.

Just ask your Advantage consultant for more information and we’ll help guide you toward the right solution for you.

Make your home equity work for you

We have all heard the news about Australia’s property price boom.

You could be sitting on a goldmine of fresh equity in your home.

Have you thought about what you could do with that additional value?

Some people just treat the equity they’ve built in their property as additional savings – but you can do more! You can use that additional value in a productive and money-making way.

Ask your Advantage Money Mentor or consultant about the avenues available to you, for making the most of your home equity. You could use your equity to get into an investment property, with almost no additional money down. We can show you how – and then we’ll be there to answer your questions, every step of the way.

To book your fee-free, no-obligation consultation, please fill in the form on your right or call –

1300 98 93 28

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