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How are you feeling about your financial security? It’s a question a lot of us avoid asking, just in case we don’t like the answer.

Everyone has their own unique set of circumstances. The good news is, improving things by making small changes today can be relatively pain-free – we just need the right experience on our side. We can make strong choices today to improve our financial security in the future.

The first step is to take an honest look at where we stand today and then shape the financial  future we’d like to enjoy tomorrow. Our Advantage consultants are here to help you sort through your options and connect you to the best experts for your unique set of circumstances.

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The Bradies

Meet Jan and Greg, they’re a few steps along their financial journey together. The Advantage helped them make some positive choices about consolidating their debts and paying off their first mortgage as quickly as possible.

They have young and active kids and both have older parents, so they’re thinking about their long-term security.

Our caring and well-informed Advantage consultant Sam helped assess their possibilities and potential.

Jane Smith

Here’s Jane, she’s decided to take the reigns of her financial future. She’s about a year out of a divorce and wants to make sure she’s safe and secure as she moves forward.

​She’s invested some of the home equity from her marital home in an investment asset and loves knowing its building value that is separate to her dedicated retirement savings.

Jane connected really well with the Advantage’s “money mentor” Deb; she loved the hands-on guidance throughout her journey.

Aleisha & Dan

Aleisha & Dan are avid travelers. With the new-world of covid, they’ve missed their 2 cruises this year. So they’ve decided to use that extra money to pay down their mortgage a little quicker and add a mortgage offset account. They’ll save almost $80,000 with their new plan.​

Their Advantage consultant Rhys got to know them and their needs and steered them to the right financial experts for them. Life is looking good.

*these stories are based on real people

Meet Miriam & Craig

Highschool sweethearts (and married fifteen years), Miriam is a beauty therapist with a busy home salon and Craig is 2IC at a signage factory.
This Melbourne couple shares their successful journey with The Advantage. They found out that a little expert guidance goes a long way.


We found The Advantage initially through a market research call. Usually, I don’t have the time or the patience for calls like that. They happened to catch me at a good time.

They just asked if we wanted to save some money, pay off our mortgage quicker and pay less tax. I was interested – Of course we did!

We’re in our 40s now and my husband and I had just started to talk about needing to be proper grown-ups; we hadn’t been doing much on that front and it was probably time to take some good steps.

We kind of knew where we were at financially – but it’s good to get a different perspective. We figured, you don’t know what you don’t know.

We’d spoken to someone a few years ago and were told we weren’t ready to get into investing in an asset.

So, if this was the same message this time, we thought, that’s ok, we’d just learn what we needed to know to get there.

The chat went probably a little longer than normal (our Advantage in-home consultation was with Warwick, who it turned out is friends with our niece!)
I’d watched my sister and brother-in-law and they’d been really smart with their finances, so we were open. They live in the same area as Warwick’s family, so that felt comfortable too.

From the get go, it was easy and comfortable.

We didn’t feel any pressure or concerns – it all felt right. Everything Warwick was telling us was just super straight up.

We learnt a lot! We didn’t know you could use your home equity like that.

We especially didn’t realise that we could go into an investment without putting any money down.
It was a good education in what we were actually able to do.

That first meeting left us feeling really confident about taking the next step.

When we progressed to looking at the next stage, they ran us through a lengthy list of requirements
They gave us a rundown of our real situation and what we could afford to do.

It was about being empowered with knowledge to make that next decision – by sharing all the information we needed and explaining each option. It was all very realistic.

They never pressured us – we just felt empowered and educated to make our choices.

We honestly thought there was no hope in hell we could do this ourselves. We thought we might’ve left it too late to get into an investment of any sort. Also, we live in Melbourne, there’s no way we could afford to invest locally. That’s what was so great; we were shown options in Queensland that suited our potential perfectly.

To have somebody walk you through the process and hold your hand – why wouldn’t you do that – you’re not the expert, why would you do it yourself?!

Tips from Miriam and Craig

  • Do your research, once you’ve been given information – actually follow it up! yourself. Check all of the facts and figures you’re gathering *we were strongly encouraged to do this by everyone we worked with at The Advantage
  • Anything finance related; get an expert to help you, why wouldn’t you?
  • You can’t build wealth if you don’t plan.