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The secret to a happy marriage? Separate Bank Accounts!

They say the secret to a lasting marriage is separate bathrooms. I think it’s separate bank accounts.
My husband and I have separate bank accounts. I know that may sound strange to a lot of married people. It’s not about trust or greed, for me it’s about independence. Most of our money goes into one pot…read more

It may be time to get out of cash and into investing, pronto! Your savings could be costing you valuable money.

Do you know your ABCs? It’s not what you think! Ross explains the Anything But Cash philosophy.


Ross takes you through the DOs and DONTs of filling out your taxes in a Covid economy..
*and gives you a vital heads-up about the Capital Gains Tax landmines to avoid

Real girlfriends DO talk about money

Is talking about money with your mates taboo? It might be time to pour a wine and rip the band-aid off. Money was a taboo topic when I was growing up.  Women talking about money was deemed impolite.  In fact, it still feels like it is now in 2021.  Which seems crazy considering many women…read more

4 in 5 hopeful buyers don’t understand key financial concepts

While most Australians dream of owning their own home, the majority of hopeful homeowners admit they don’t fully understand how home loans or mortgage rates work. That’s why we make it our mission to enlighten you during your home buying journey. They say knowledge is power. But this week we stumbled across some interesting stats…read more

Want to take the worry out of tax time? Get professional help!

Ross also takes a closer look at the new work from home deductions.. they might not be as good as they look

How is the VIC lockdown affecting the economy.. and you?

Summary: Australia has had a downward trend of inflation.. but is inflation going to start increasing again? Closed borders = a lack of overseas workers; and this means wages are rising in some sectors. Inflation could spell trouble.

Time to be an adult and do a budget

Now I would love everyone to think that when you’re a journalist, you get the kind of star salary a Karl Stefanovic or Kochie earns, but trust me, when you’re a bit player in a very large organisation, the money’s not great. Plus, you do not go into the media if you crave stability. Shows…read more

Post COVID Investing: Risk Management V Opportunity

Ross takes a deeper look at the ups and downs of today’s unique national financial environment. An imbalance of supply and demand in several sectors is having a big impact.

Single parents and first home buyers get big budget boost

Single parents saving for a property and first home buyers are the big winners from this year’s federal budget. Today we’ll break down the three schemes that will help them crack the property market sooner. In recent months there have been signs that first home buyers are beginning to shy away from the property market,…read more

My Ex-Husband Gave Me an STD

*Sexually Transmitted Debt My ex-husband gave me an STD. No, it’s not what you’re thinking, sexually transmitted DEBT. You see when my first marriage broke up in 2005, not only did I leave with a whole lot of heartbreak, but I also left with a $20,000 joint credit card debt plus a mortgage. To make…read more

Getting ready to travel around Australia again?

Ross tells us whats up with the airlines. REX AIRLINE STOUSH SPARKS PRICE WAR For decades, all of us have taken for granted our ability to fly interstate and overseas. It’s been so easy – and affordable – to jump on a plane for business or leisure. But 12 months of a pandemic that has…read more