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Month: July 2021

The secret to a happy marriage? Separate Bank Accounts!

They say the secret to a lasting marriage is separate bathrooms. I think it’s separate bank accounts.My husband and I have separate bank accounts. I know that may sound strange to a lot of married people. It’s not about trust or greed, for me it’s about independence. Most of our money goes into one pot…read more

It may be time to get out of cash and into investing, pronto! Your savings could be costing you valuable money.

These days, many investors have a philosophy of ABC.  But this strategy has nothing to do with the basics of investing … it means Anything But Cash. This approach is borne out of a view that with interest rates so low, you need to get your money out of cash and into the share-market or…read more


It might seem kind of obvious, but the most valuable piece of advice around tax time is this –  Declare ALL your income on your tax return. Nobody wants Tax Office troubles down the track! Crucially, this includes almost all the special COVID-19 payments. A good example is JobKeeper. If you received this allowance via…read more

Real girlfriends DO talk about money

Is talking about money with your mates taboo? It might be time to pour a wine and rip the band-aid off. Money was a taboo topic when I was growing up.  Women talking about money was deemed impolite.  In fact, it still feels like it is now in 2021.  Which seems crazy considering many women…read more

4 in 5 hopeful buyers don’t understand key financial concepts

While most Australians dream of owning their own home, the majority of hopeful homeowners admit they don’t fully understand how home loans or mortgage rates work. That’s why we make it our mission to enlighten you during your home buying journey. They say knowledge is power. But this week we stumbled across some interesting stats…read more