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Month: August 2021


1. SPARE CASH IS LIKE WINE, THERE’S RARELY ANY SPARE One of the dilemmas for any person or family is what to do with spare cash (though many would argue that, like wine, there is rarely any spare).  But if you are broadly following a financial plan and setting some money aside for future disasters…read more

5 money tips to know BEFORE your divorce

Its not pretty, but heading to Splitsville will cost you if you don’t follow these top tips It’s not pretty but if you know you are heading to Splitsville here are some top tips to follow that I wish I’d known before my divorce. 1. Get a lawyer and an accountant I was lucky in…read more

It’s time to make inflation your friend!

*It could be stealthily eating your wealth. Inflation: National Versus Personal  In the last few weeks, the official annual inflation rate in Australia jumped to its highest point in 13 years – 3.8 percent. Normally this would ring alarm bells that interest rates are about to rise, because part of the Reserve Bank’s charter is…read more