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The cost of living is soaring UP

Mortgage interest rates are going UP

Wages…. Not so much

Find out how you can beat inflation, pay down your mortgage in half the time and become a smart property investor in 2022!

June 1. 7.30pm.

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Learn how to beat the soaring cost of living in the Australian economy –

  • Exclusive Money Management Tips to Get Ahead in 2022
  • Become a Smart Property Investor – with Strategies, Secrets and Hot-Spots you cannot miss
  • Get Mortgage Free in Half the Time
  • Beat the rising cost of living with The Advantage’s Property Investment 101

+   Find out how to be IN the next National Property Price Boom

All in Success Session #3!

Meet the speakers who will be sharing their invaluable expertise to help you get ahead like a pro in 2022

Scott Haywood – “Rainmaker Financial Planner of the Year” & “The Money Guru” (3AW/2GB/4BC)

Scott will give us his expert run-down on the current state of the Aus economy and what it means for you –

  • Inflation up = cost of living is up – gas, groceries, school, housing & transport.
  • If our savings are in the bank earning 1.3% interest a year and our inflation rate is 5.1% – our hard earned savings are losing value.
  • This is the highest inflation rise since the GST was introduced 22 years ago. *Meanwhile – the average property price rise in 20/21 was 15%. 
  • Has anyone received a wage rise in the last year to keep up with the prices rising all around us – not many have, so what next?

Neil Broomhall – Associate Director – 4orward – Financial Planning Expert

Neil looks at where we can do better with our budget. He asks the question – is our money working as hard as we do? If its not, we are falling behind.

We look at solutions for paying down our mortgage in half the time – probably the safest way to beat inflation is to pay off debts and get into assets that grow at a higher rate than the cost of living is rising – now 5.1% over the last year.

Investment properties are terrific value in regional Australia, you could be in a position to start investing now.

Andrew Welsh – Former AFL Star, Successful Large-Scale Residential Property Developer, Financial Review Young Rich list.

Andrew walks us through the property hot-spots giving us the best bang for our investment buck around Australia.

He’ll also share what the key performance indicators should be when we are looking at any investment property.

Mieke Buchan – Success Sessions Host. Media Trainer, TV and Radio Presenter & Producer

Mieke asks the tough questions we all need the answers to – living in fear about our finances isn’t necessary, sometimes we just need a little expert insight. 

If we don’t manage our money pro-actively, we are going backwards – so we cant afford to procrastinate. Mieke helps find the practical solutions to our money headaches.

+ Real Advantage Success Stories from people just like you!

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  • On normal home-loan terms, a $500k mortgage will cost you $1.2million. That’s 2.4 x your initial loan amount.
  • With inflation rising and cash interest rates staying so low, any money you have in the bank is actually losing value. Your savings is now losings.
  • Most people think that avoiding investing in assets (outside of their home) = low risk. But what if you lose your job; do you have another source of income? Do you have a back-up plan?
  • The average home-owner spends at least half their working week just paying mortgage interest and taxes. That’s a lot of time to be working for the bank and the government!

There’s got to be another way, right?


Many people put off getting expert guidance about their real financial situation because they –

  1. Don’t know who to trust
  2. Don’t know the type of guidance they really need
  3. Are afraid of what they might find out
  4. Fear they may have to change their lifestyle if they make adjustments to their finances
  5. Don’t know where to start



In this easy-to-follow live streaming event, our special guest speakers will show you:

  • How to make the current economic climate work in your favour
  • How to apply high-performance habits and strategies to your own life, in simple and easy ways
  • The importance of asking for expert guidance and mentoring
  • The huge value of building a plan you can actually achieve and follow
  • How to go from crippling debt to being the owner of multiple investment assets
  • How to pay your mortgage down in half the time
  • How to pay less tax
  • How making small changes today wont impact on your lifestyle one bit. In fact, it will improve your lifestyle dramatically in the future.


You will also hear from real-life Advantage clients who have found huge success by applying The ADVANTAGE APPROACH.

They will share the lessons and guidance they gained along the way, that helped them make the most of this exclusive Advantage program.

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November 2021 Success Session

Bianca Chatfield

Former Australian Netballer

The Block Star

Sought-After Personal Development Speaker

Savvy Investor

Chris Kohler

Business and Property expert for the Nine network.

Host of Your Domain and Your Money. 3AW and 4BC personal finance and property commentator.

Shelly Horton

The Today Show and After Married Star

In-Demand Media Trainer

Hugely Popular Live Event Speaker

Female Finance Journey Writer

Mieke Buchan (host)

Celebrity/Sports Media Trainer

Talkback radio host
Brand & content expert

TV journalist, presenter & producer (1999 – 2020)
USA – Fox, ESPN, Tennis Channel, Encore, Red Bull
Australia – SBS, Ten, Foxtel, 2UE, 2GB, TripleM, Seven, 7Mate

Logie Award Nominee